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Former Indian cricket team opener Gautam Gambhir is no stranger to controversies. Gambhir is well known for his fiery comments and straightforward analysis which sometimes leads to conversations on social media. During a recent Q&A session on X (formerly Twitter), a fan ended up asking Gambhir why he makes such ‘controversial statements’. “Why you always give so much controversial statements? #AskGG,” he posted. In response, Gambhir came up with his blunt style of answering.

“I say what I feel. You should think who benefits from the controversies!,” he remarked.

Earlier, on the question, “Biggest threat to India In T20 World Cup?”, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir gave interesting replies.

“Afghanistan, in those conditions can be very very dangerous. Australia, because they have got impact players, and England because they play T20 cricket the way it should be played,” Gambhir said.

“I have different angle. I think South Africa should win. They have not won a white-ball tournament. The way I saw their progress in the 50-over World Cup and obviously Pakistan who are very dangerous,” Yuvraj Singh said.

“See Pakistan, their fielding is, I saw in the 50-over World Cup, probably the worst in international cricket. They will have to literally pull their socks up if they really want to compete in the T20 format,” Gambhir added.

“The amount of finals that India have reached…I don’t think Pakistan have reached anywhere close to the amount of finals that Indi have reached in the last five or six years. And you are just one step away from the trophy. hopefully in the T20 World Cup could be one.”

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