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[bright music]

[wind blowing]

[Nadia] My identify is Nadia.

I am from Ukraine.

Again house, wintry weather’s are darkish and chilly.

I choose to flee someplace heat and go back within the spring,

when lifestyles wakes up once more.

This yr was once other.

[bomb exploding]

[sirens wailing]

[bomb exploding]

The wintry weather of 2022 by no means ended.

[soft singing]

[intense music]

[bouncy music]

Each wintry weather, I’m going to Dahab, within the Heart East,

to steer clear of the gloomy skies in Ukraine.

I really like the solar, the ocean, the animals.

[bouncy music] [sheep bleating]


[Nadia] Anyplace you cross,

there’s a canine, ready so that you can pat it.

Many canines; your arms are at all times busy.

That is Illia, my husband.

[speaking foreign language]

Illia’s now not as fascinated with Dahab as I’m,

however there may be something he indubitably appreciates,

an exquisite tamarind tree.

At our position in Kiev, we even have a tamarind.

It’s the most pretty,

and probably the most fragile of our house vegetation.

Each time we depart, any individual has to handle it as an alternative.

Illia misses our tamarind so much.

I pass over it too.

Another way, Dahab is absolute best for me.

It was.

[bomb exploding]

On February twenty fourth, I awoke from my mom’s name.

She despatched me a video of my native land being bombed.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia] Russia had began a full-scale invasion

of my nation.

[people shouting]

All of my circle of relatives, buddies and co-workers had been in Ukraine.

I used to be away, not able to lend a hand.

[speaking foreign language]

Dahab was once protected, nevertheless it felt like jail.

I so sought after to lend a hand, however there was once so little I may do.

I felt to blame, lonely, and ceaselessly helpless.

The one factor that remained was once the inside track from house.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[somber music]

[Nadia] A type of nights, I had a dream.

I noticed a street,

it led to a few new position,

a spot that I had by no means observed earlier than.

All of sudden, I identified it.

It was once Ukraine, at battle.

Surprisingly, I felt relieved.

For the primary time because the starting of invasion,

I felt one thing sure,

as though some outer power was once giving me a touch

and pulling me out of my paralysis.

[intense music]

Illia had a special feeling.

To him, going again to Ukraine was once shortsighted, impulsive,

and easily unsafe.

He did not wish to cross with me.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia] He did not need me to head.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia] He began being sarcastic.

He may now not say it explicitly, however what he in reality intended,

was once the worry of shedding me.

[somber music]

But, he needed to settle for my selection.

All over on my means, I noticed drained ladies with youngsters.

Their eyes may now not conceal it.

They’ve been via hell.

They all had been headed west.

I used to be the one one that went the wrong way; house.

[somber music]

My house was once 500 kilometers from the border.

I needed to make a layover and keep at my circle of relatives.

The primary particular person I met was once my cousin.

He needed to abandon his dinner on account of the siren.

[sirens wailing]

I adopted him to the bomb safe haven.

When the town was once bombed, he spent 5 hours in right here.

Now, he’s neatly ready.

[speaking foreign language]


[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia] Probably the most non violent man on earth;

he were given himself a gun.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

That is my grandma.

She takes her personal protection measures.

[somber music]

She helps to keep the names of all other folks in our circle of relatives at the listing,

each reside and useless.

This manner she makes positive to not omit them in her prayers.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia] Occasionally, she additionally prays for neighbors, buddies,

and the ones in want.

When the battle broke out, grandma’s pocket book were given complete.

Ivan, Kata, Anton,

Andrusha, Oksana,

Natasha, Senya,

Yulia, Sasha.

Those are my buddies from Central and Jap Ukraine,

who needed to flee the battle.

Grandma’s position become their transient house.

Oksana, Andrusha and Natasha fled from a small the town

of Bila Tserkva,

after a large shelling.

Kata, Anton, child Ivan and the cat Kuza,

spent 5 never-ending days within the bomb safe haven,

at the left financial institution of Kiev.

They determined to escape.

Kata, Losha, and the cat Felix,

fled from the city of Slavyansk, within the east.

Their town is ten miles clear of the entrance line.

All locals had been requested to evacuate.

Senia, Yulia and Sasha survived 3 weeks

underneath the siege of Mariupol.

Miraculously, they controlled to flee.

[speaking foreign language]

[bystander speaking foreign language]

[Nadia] Senia, Sasha’s and Yulja’s son,

is difficult of listening to.

He hardly ever talks.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia] That is the one non-practical factor

he was once allowed to convey from house.

[phone ringing]

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[train rattling] [church bells chiming]

[singing in foreign language]

[gentle music] I used to be euphoric to be again.

Not like many of us in Ukraine now, I nonetheless had a house.

My house was once entire, undamaged,

in a position to simply accept me,

as though not anything had took place.

As though the battle didn’t exist.

Sadly, it did.

When the battle began,

my pal Oksana was once at her house in Bucha, Kiev’s suburb.

She needed to spend two weeks within the basement,

hiding from Russians.

Sooner or later, she controlled to flee.

As soon as Bucha was once freed, she requested me to test on her position.

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[somber music]

[bystander speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[Nadia speaking foreign language]

[Illia speaking foreign language]

[Nadia sniffling]

[somber music]

[announcer speaking foreign language]

[sirens wailing]

[guns firing]

[bombs exploding]

[guns firing]

[guns firing]

[somber music]

[somber music continues]

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