Indian cricket team superstar Virat Kohli remains one of the richest sportsmen in the world. When it comes to cricket, Kohli is the highest-earning player in the sport by some distance. Though born in Delhi, Kohli lives in Mumbai at present but that isn’t the only home he owns. Sharing a video on Instagram, the Indian cricketing icon gave a tour of his holiday home in Alibaug. At the beginning of the video, Virat explained why he didn’t keep a Television set in the living room.

“Kickstarting 2024 at the Baugh! Love my new holiday home at Avas Living, Alibaugh. Super excited to give you a sneak peak into my oasis,” he wrote in a post.

During the tour, Virat took fans through different parts of the bungalow. He spoke about the living room where he consciously decided to not have a television as he wanted conversations to be the only source of entertainment.

He also spoke about his morning routine and gave a glimpse of his room where he likes to relax.

“Most of the day I was out practicing and stuff, but whenever there was an occasion in the house, the commonplace was the dinner table where all the food would be spread out and everyone sits together. So that’s something that I could not do enough of. We make sure that we don’t miss out on that and we make sure that it’s a practice in our household, just spending time here.

“When you’re part of so much going on all the time and things are so hectic on the outside, you always want to get away as much as possible. And Alibaug allows us to do that. And I feel really, really good whenever I’ve been here. And all the intensity of what’s going on just comes down and you feel relaxed,” Kohli said as he revealed reason to have a holiday home in Alibaug.

Virat also spoke about his morning routine as he said: “The outdoors here is where I’d like to sit down and have a cup of coffee and really chill out and relax. I’m never really on holiday, if that makes any sense to people who take proper holidays. I don’t think it would, but in my case, I’m always on a fixed diet. I’m always on a fixed training routine, and hence my morning routine is pretty similar. Wake up, just chill out, relax, drink some lemon water, really ease into the morning and then start with breakfast. And from there, the day goes on.”

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