Former Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram with his wife.© Instagram

Legendary Pakistan pacer Wasim Akram blasted a fan for the latter’s ‘inappropriate’ comment on his wife. The ex-Pakistan captain had uploaded a picture with his wife days ago. “Here’s hoping for a better year! Wishing you and your families all the love, safety and prosperity for 2024, all the best from my family to yours,” wrote Akram in the caption. However, one the fans commented, “Ufff she is such a hotwife.” Akram wasted no time in schooling the user.

“You think that’s the appropriate thing to say ? I wish to meet your parents and tell them what have they created total douche,” replied Akram to the comment.

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Akram is among the famous personalities who never shy away from blasting or schooling the trolls.

The ‘Jeffrey Epstein List’ has had the entire world talking, with the topic becoming one of the most talked-about on social media. Over the last few days, many names have come out in the leaked Epstein list while several others have been falsely linked. As a user on X (formerly Twitter) tried to link former Pakistan captain Imran Khan with the Epstein list based on a story revealed by Akram, the latter lost his cool and shut down the troll in an angry manner on social media.

“Imran Khan @ImranKhanPTI is also on Epstein’s list. Cricket Legend Wasim Akram @wasimakramlive also narrated a story where Imran Khan and youngsters were flown on Ghislaine Maxwell’s private plane to a deserted Island (Epstein Island). #EpsteinClientList,” the X user wrote in a post.

Fuming over the bizarre claim, Akram blasted the troll, saying: “Stop spreading lies you muppet.”

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