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Further Makes use of for Your Prime-College Reproduction of “Atlas Shrugged”

As a doorstop.

To prop up the highest of your mattress if in case you have acid reflux disorder.

Carve out its middle and fill it with the industry playing cards of therapists, then give it as a present for your good friend’s libertarian-leaning teen-age son. You don’t need to inform your good friend, however he spends all day on Reddit in r/LibertarianUncensored and any person must intrude.

To go away out to your espresso desk when your rich oldsters discuss with, in order that they know that, even supposing you’re a socialist, you’re no longer so a lot of a socialist that you just don’t need to be incorporated within the will. I imply, be affordable.

To make memes. For example, you’ll be able to {photograph} the road “wealth is the made of a person’s capability to assume” after which tweet it with the caption “LOL.” It must move viral, particularly in these days’s political local weather.

To stay to your bookshelf subsequent to “Das Kapital” as evidence that, regardless of your meme, you’re no longer taking an aspect on this magnificence battle. You’re Switzerland! You simply sought after to move viral.

As workout apparatus, to coach for the an increasing number of most likely situation through which the proletariat rises up and you wish to have to flee your town earlier than the ruling magnificence takes excessive measures to quell the outrage—you’ve had a goal to your again ever because you made that meme. No longer simplest is the e-book itself a to hand weight but in addition Atlas’s pose at the quilt supplies an invaluable visible reference for how you can workout your quads. Quickly, you’ll be lightning speedy.

To resell on the Strand for money, incomes sufficient for one 10th of a cup of espresso. Or, probably, one one-thousandth of the cost of a educate price tag out of the city when the bourgeoisie begins taking pictures. Thankfully, your oldsters Venmoed you cash for the remaining. Thank goodness you left your reproduction of “Atlas Shrugged” out once they came visiting!

To wedge between your self and the individual subsequent to you in this extremely crowded educate so that you’ve got some semblance of private house. If wanted, you’ll be able to even use it to thwack anyone who infringes to your small house.

To stay you corporate when the educate drops you off in the midst of nowhere and that you just’re by yourself for the primary time ever. It’s O.Ok., even though! All it’s important to do is believe your individual self-interest. Finally, you as soon as learn that society purposes best possible once we all do this. You’ll be able to’t take into account whilst you learn that, however you are feeling find it irresistible was once possibly in highschool? Simply hug the e-book tightly. It’s your new female friend.

To make use of as kindling on this “Yellowjackets”-type state of affairs you’re now in.

To stay below a lopsided desk on your new residing, the only you fortunately stumbled upon after weeks of wandering. (The Craigslist choices in rural Canada had been skinny.)

To make memes about your new off-the-grid lifestyles. “I swear via my lifestyles and my love of it that I can by no means are living for the sake of any other guy, nor ask any other guy to are living for mine.” Just be sure you caption this one with “LOL” once more. You’re so lonely.

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