Dad and mom Wrestle to Clarify to Youngsters Who Sarah Palin Was

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (The Borowitz Report)—As Sarah Palin makes headlines after an absence of a few years, American dad and mom are struggling to clarify to their youngsters who the previous politician was.

Harland Dorrinson, a pediatric psychologist, mentioned that youngsters could hear upsetting details about Palin at college after which search reassurance from their dad and mom.

“Though Sarah Palin is essentially forgotten, dad and mom shouldn’t fake that she by no means existed,” Dorrinson mentioned. “Speaking about Sarah Palin is a kind of troublesome conversations dad and mom must have with their children.”

“Youngsters are studying that Sarah Palin was on the nationwide ticket of a significant political occasion that deemed her match to imagine the Presidency,” the psychologist mentioned. “It’s solely pure for teenagers to surprise, ‘How might this have occurred?’ ”

Dorrinson advises dad and mom to look at YouTube clips of Palin together with their children, relatively than let youngsters uncover them on their very own, “which might be upsetting.”

“Watching the fallacious Sarah Palin clip might be traumatic for kids,” he mentioned. “You don’t need them stumbling onto the Katie Couric interview.”

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